About Vitulen

The Company:
Based in Malaysia, Vitulen Sdn. Bhd. is a natural products skincare company whose founders have decades of expertise in botanical science, research and herbal manufacturing.

Our Mission:
To deliver cutting-edge solutions for repairing damaged skin

Developed based on twenty years of botanical research, Vitulen products and plant extract have been shown in numerous studies to rebuild skin architecture, replace damaged skin as well as restore elasticity to aging skin.

Vitulen: The Story Behind the Name
The name Vitulen was created by combining two different words - Vital and Tulen. The word Vital originates from the Latin word ‘Vita’, which means life. Tulen is a Malay word meaning ‘pure’. Made with only the purest natural ingredients, our products work naturally to restore and revitalize the skin from the inside out.

VE: Our Signature Ingredient
Vitulen Extract (VE) is a patent-pending herbal extract sourced naturally from a tropical plant species. Developed through extensive research over three years, VE has been proven in many studies to have skin repair effects. The tropical plant from which VE is derived is found in Malaysia. It is widely used by local communities for repairing cuts and wounds and for stopping bleeding. VE has a standardized composition and has undergone an advanced purification process where unwanted compounds have been removed. Vitulen’s purified extract has shown to be more efficacious, and have an enhanced safety profile than the crude extract of the plant from which it derives. In human skin cell tests, VE has been found to be non-toxic. Vitulen has proprietary knowledge on the safe and effective dosage to be used.

Derived from Nature, Grounded in Science
VE is sourced from a tropical plant species using a proprietary extraction methodology. It is developed by a team of experienced researchers led by Professor Gerry Bodeker, a Harvard-trained public health specialist who has researched and taught at Oxford University for two decades. Professor Bodeker has done work on traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) for various UN agencies, including the WHO.  VE has shown unique skin reparative properties in studies conducted by the Oxford University Wound Healing Institute. In over 80 published studies, VE has demonstrated superior skin-repairing effects. In addition, it has been shown to

  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Stimulate the production of collagen-1 and fibronectin and the formation of collagen lattice
  • Have antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties
  • Minimize scarring from burns and wounds

Furthermore, in cytotoxicity studies, VE has shown to be non-toxic to human skin cells.

What sets Vitulen’s extract apart from the rest
While there are many skincare and cosmetic products on the market, none of them have all the following attributes:

  • Supported by strong scientific evidence
  • Can rebuild the skin architecture and promote collagen lattice formation
  • Stimulate growth of collagen-1, fibroblasts and fibronectin, thereby enhancing skin elasticity and restoring skin health
Collagen control Collagen control BEFORE AFTER

Figure 1: Comparison of the effects of control and VE on human dermal fibroblasts at Day-7. VE has been observed to stimulate the secretion of collagen-I.

Collagen control Collagen control BEFORE AFTER

Figure 2: Comparison of the effects of control and VE on human dermal fibroblasts at Day-7. VE has been shown to stimulate the secretion of fibronectin.

Collagen control Collagen control BEFORE AFTER

Figure 3: VE has shown protective effects on human dermal fibroblasts against hydrogen peroxide oxidant damage

Stringent manufacturing standards
Our products are manufactured according to internationally-certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), OECD and ISO standards.

Halal certification
Our organically-sourced products are fully compliant with Halal certification requirements. Contact us to discover more about VE and its powerful skin repairing effects.

Our Products:
Vitulen’s team of researchers, product developers and financial managers have been working to produce a roll-out in late 2023 of high quality skin repair and wound healing products for human and veterinary use, as well as products for feminine hygiene.

R&D: A second round of Vitulen’s R&D with these unique tropical species - known to repair deep layers of the skin- will focus on over-the-counter products for burns, cuts, wounds and surface infections, building on a solid body of research and on generations of traditional use and experience.

Vitulen represents a new generation of aesthetic products – natural in origin, pure in quality, known through tradition, and validated in the world’s leading centers of skin science – products which rebuild the skin from its deepest layers and create vitality based on the re-generated architecture and the restored elasticity of the skin.

Our Team

Dato’ Sandra Wong, CEO

Dato' Sandra Wong, CEO

Sandra Wong is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business, finance and banking.
>Mr. Mohamad Faisal, COO

Mr. Mohamad Faisal, COO

Mohamad Faisal is the founder of F.A Herbs Sdn Bhd and Tanamera Sdn Bhd.
>Mr. Mohamad Faisal, COO

Professor Dr. Gerard Bodeker, CSO

Professor Gerard Bodeker is a senior researcher from Oxford with decades of experience in natural products research and tropical Asian plant species.

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